Thursday, April 6, 2017

Color and Coating of Cheap Fake Oakley Sunglasses

   Color and Coating of Cheap Fake Oakley Sunglasses
In the last passage, we've discussed the type of fake Oakley sunglasses lenses, today we switch to the color.
Fake Oakley Gray lenses: gray lens can absorb any chromatography, so watching things through gray lenses will only make it darken, but there will be no obvious color difference, technically, it remains the true nature of feeling.
Replica Oakley Tinted lenses: filter lots of blue light in a way that improve the visual contrast and clarity, it is better to wear in air-polluted day. Generally it can block the smooth and bright surface of the reflected light, wearing glasses can still see the subtle part, and therefore, it is the ideal choice for the driver.
Cheap Oakley Green lenses: apart from absorption of light, it maximizes the arrival of the green light to the eye at the same time, so as to give a cool and comfortable feeling, which is perfect for eyes that are easy to fatigue.suck the heat and bring cool and refreshing feeling, but light transmittance and clarity is low, suitable for the sun when wearing.
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Knockoff Oakley Silver lenses: lenses surface use the high-density mirror coating so that it can absorb more the visible light, which is a great choice for outdoor sports.
Copy Oakley Yellow lenses: strictly speaking, these lenses do not belong to the sunglasses, because it almost does not reduce the visible light, but in the foggy and dusk, yellow lenses can enhance the contrast and provide more accurate vision, so it was also called the night goggle. Young people wear yellow lenses sunglasses as decorative glasses.Light blue, light pink are all decorative lenses.
Cheap Knockoff Oakley Blue lenses: you can wear the blue lenses on the beach; blue lenses can effectively filter out the blue light reflected by sea and sky. Avoid the use of blue lenses while driving, because it will make it impossible for us to distinguish the color of traffic signals.
Oakley Transparent lenses: transparent lenses are actually a little light yellow. They can be used as waterproof goggles.
The most important role of glasses is to block UV for us, which will greatly induce the chances of cataract. It is the lens material and film but not the lens color has an impact on the UV prevention. These colors mentioned above should be over UV380, otherwise they are not qualified.
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Types of coating:
General coating: like the mercury plating film, range from shallow to deep, the deeper, the better sun-shade performance will be.
SFM coating: there are general mercury / Rainbow / Blue / and gold mercury, with a high degree of wear resistance and the 6 layers of new materials, it is way clearer and shiny than the general plating Oakley sunglasses.
Lens appearance: to maintain the original color, especially the light color and gradient color effect is clear, thus, it is easy to see the original color of things. The fake Oakleys lens is shiny and comfortable, unlike the general mercury (which is bleak).
AR coating: it is adopted in myopic lenses or some other quality lenses, which consists of multi-layer inorganic compounds and to imitate vacuum plating by the advanced machine simulation. Cheap Fake Oakley Sunglasses are often backed against the opposite side of the film. It can improve light perspective, clear and comfortable visual sense, reduce reflection, improve night vision, and reduce fatigue and computer radiation.
REVO mercury is also known as color mercury, which are used in general sports Oakley sunglasses. Blue, black-red and orange is composed of 8-12 thin layer of mercury plating, so it is more expensive, and the effect of solar radiation resistance is awesome. It has added water repellent agent during electroplating, which makes the lens surface smoother, it is waterproof (the water can be quickly scatters on the surface). Oakley Outlet Store Online: