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An overall study of cheap fake Oakley sunglasses

An overall study of cheap fake Oakley sunglasses
There are five indispensable factors make a good pair of Oakley sunglasses, well, let’s have a glance at what are they:
1.It should be capable of removing at least 96% of ultraviolet rays;
2.The lenses ought to be colored evenly with a difference less than 5%;
3.the scene should remain in-distorted through the lens ;
4.It should be felt light and comfortable and not easily broken;
5.The frame should be tight and comfortable on the nose bridge and ears, besides, the lens should stay away from the eyelashes , the lens will not fall off even being slightly bent.
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The classification of lenses (according to the Fake Oakleys lens materials used):
1.Oakley PC lenses- it will not easy to break, with impact resistance, the specified lens for sports, the price is higher than acrylic lenses;
2.Oakley glass lenses--with the higher clarity than the resin lenses and not easy to wear, but it is the heaviest material and relatively easy to break, the weak absorption of UV light than other lenses( unless being specifically processed). To be specific, it can be divided into the coquille glass lenses, the ground & polished glass lenses, the impact-resistant glass lenses.
3. Oakley resin lenses-- resin is a chemical substance with the features of light weight, high temperature resistance (it can even stand the direct burn of a lighter), strong impact resistance, it can prevent the ultraviolet ray effectively;
4.Oakley Nylon lenses (optical memorableTR-90)- it boosts with a pretty high elasticity, excellent optical quality, high shock resistance, usually used as protective articles; excellent chemical resistance enables it to be suitable for the plate frame, ultra light weight without any lobes, good optical features (comparable to the glass lenses), 100%UV protection, rich color and it is currently the best lenses on the market and it often used in high-end sunglasses.
5. Oakley AC ACRYLIC LENS (acrylic lens)--with excellent toughness characteristics, light weight, high visibility, undoubtedly a good anti fog lens.
6. Oakley POLARIZED LENS-- Polaroid lens, its function is to accept lights from one direction and reflect it back, which is the same as a shutter filter to stray light, so that we will see things more clearly. Polarize principle: in order to filter the sun in the water, land or snow on the same direction of the glare of the light, to add a special coating on the lens vertically. There are the most polarizing lens outside 7 layers, among them, two layers slice synthesis is a super hard wear-resistant layer; besides, the sixth layers are shatterproof strengthening layer and the fifth layer is the UV filter layer; the middle layer is the most polarizing filter layer; the whole structure is close and unique, it has been proved to be able to remove 99% dazzling chaos reflected harmful UV rays, and shatterproof and special function of anti abrasion.
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