Thursday, July 20, 2017

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 Buy Fake Oakleys Save up to 85% Off . Top quality Knock Off Oakley Sunglasses Sale Cheap Online. Enjoy Shopping Replica Oakleys Wholesale Price. Last time, we learned the skill of choosing a pair of good sunglasses from the face shape simply. Now , let us talk about how to pick a pair of good sunglasses in depth.
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  First , the UV protection function is very important. Wearing a pair of cheap fake Oakley sunglasses can reduce the stimulation of intense light and make our eyes comfortable. Beyond that , the main purpose is to prevent the harm on our eyes from the ultraviolet ray. However, the color of the ophthalmic lens is uncorrelated with the prevention of ultraviolet ray . Even if the color of the ophthalmic lens is very deep, they can’t prevent UV effectively. So we must choose the ophthalmic lens that has the UV protection function. Usually ,the UV index for cheap Oakley sunglasses is between 96% and 98%.
  Second , the different colors of ophthalmic lens have different functions. Through the filtering of the sunglasses’ colors , our eyes can see the contrast of colors is different. If you want to choose the colored ophthalmic lens , it is not impossible. But make sure that you can distinguish the traffic lights when you are driving. Different colors of ophthalmic lens have different impact. Such as , for the gray ophthalmic lens, it can reduce the intensity of light effectively and can not affect the contrast of color. For the brown Oakley sunglasses , they can enhance the contrast of some colors and block the blue light. So the brighter day is better to wear the brown sunglasses. For example, the snowy day. Yellow is more yellow than the brown , it can enhance the visibility of the color largely and block almost all the blue light. So do not choose the color if you need to distinguish the traffic lights. For the red and orange are better for the cloudy sky of winter. Purple cheap Oakleys is suitable for the  people who need to hunt on the green grass. For the copper, it can blend the colors of sky and grass at the same time, so it is suitable for playing golf. Blue and green can enhance the contrast of yellow, so they are suitable for playing tennis.
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   Last , the materials of ophthalmic lens should be chosen well. Generally speaking , there are three kinds of materials of ophthalmic lens. They are NXT Polyurethane , Polycarbonate and Acrylic. And they all have the advantages and disadvantages. For the ophthalmic lens which is produced by the NXT Polyurethane, it has good flexibility ,light quality , high optical resolution and can sustain the strong impact force well. For ophthalmic lens which is produced by the Polycarbonate ,it will be scraped easily and its optical resolution is less than the NXT Polyurethane . Accordingly , the Oakley sunglasses price is very cheap. For the ophthalmic lens which is produced by the Acrylic , its price is also very cheap. But it is the least durable and most transparent.
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